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The Carlier story so far

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Established 1957, in Calonne-Ricouart in the Nord Pas-de-Calais region (on the Belgian border) by Charles Carlier, an engineer from the prestigious Arts et Métiers school in Paris, Carlier Plastiques immediately specialized in the transformation of plastics materials and the manufacturing of glass fiber reinforced polyester (FRP) parts.

With the help of a few friends, Carlier Plastiques manufactured and delivered their first FRP tank that very year, with a capacity of 3000 L for transporting liquid fertilizer.

And thus it was that the adventure started in an industrial world undergoing profound transformations looking for new technical solutions. Specifically, the chemical industry was emerging rapidly at that time, looking for equipment with large-scale capacities, and highly corrosion resistance tailored to their processes.

In 1975, Carlier installed a second filament winding machine, with a diameter of 4.5 m.

A thermoplastics boilermaking workshop was set up to create a new FRP dual-laminate thermoplastic line of products.

In 1975, the first FRP dual-laminate PVC tank was manufactured.

The energy market started to develop, and saw CITP secure a major contract with the French Electricity Board (EDF). This significant breakthrough with a prestigious customer was for 25 self-supporting chimneys for nuclear power plants, each 3m in diameter, 55m high, and weighing about 20 tonnes.

Carlier became a leader in France by purchasing CITP, a major player in the chemical industry of the Rhône Valley. CITP was known for its anticorrosion and thermoplastics solutions, both FRP and dual laminate.

CITP’s piping expertise meant that Carlier Plastiques was now in a position to offer a more extensive solution in these sectors.

Sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics started to industrialize their production.

The CITP Carlier Group obtained approval from the French Food and Drug Administration to manufacture equipment for the food/food processing industry, and started to tailor its equipment to the rigorous requirements of its customers in these sectors.

As a result, CITP obtained prestigious contracts with world leaders: ROQUETTE Sanofi, Gerbet, Servier, Pierre Fabre, LFB, BCF, Oréal, Procter & Gamble.

The adventure continued with the purchase of a plant in Béthune (near Lille) with 5350 m² of workshop over a 3-hectare site. Its strategic position near a river port meant that manufacturing and transporting very large items became possible, and saw CITP take its first steps into the export market.

The Carlier Plastiques group won a contract for 40 gas venting towers for Libya, each tower 4m in diameter, a success which clearly underscored its international intentions.

The first scrubber with a diameter of 6.5 m, no less than 31 m high.

The largest FRP scrubber in Europe for the UIOM in Malmo, thanks to the participation of LAB.

This impressive FRP scrubber led to CITP winning an award for its expertise in manufacturing large-scale polyester products

CITP is a subsidiary of the Carlier group.

Total turnover, in constant progression, currently stands at €35 million, for a workforce of 250. Investment represents 5% of total turnover, in a clear sign of CITP's determination to focus constantly on innovation and enhanced levels of performance.

CITP The experience of Composites

Jean Claude ROUSSEAU – Chairman.

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