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Manufacturing standards

Our manufacturing standards are not to be taken into account as regards boilermade devices or as regards defined equipment in stock in our plants, except, naturally, for our brine units and our fertilizer range.

Our standards tend to be those of our tools and equipment; specifically, most of our devices are manufactured using filament winding.

Filament winding requires a mandrel on which the shell (i.e. the body) of the device is formed.

In this case, it is the latter which is considered the standard and which, for large diameters, has a pitch of 500 mm.

DN 2000, DN 2480, DN 3000, DN 3500, DN 4000, and so on up to 7500 (see tables below).

Naturally, devices requiring an intermediary diameter (given the nature of the installation or the process) can be obtained by setting up holdings on our mandrels.

Specifically, diameters such as DN 2200mm, DN 3200mm or DN 3800mm or others can be obtained by this process, although at an additional cost.

The bottoms and domes (GRC, flat or conic 15° and 60°) of devices are also manufactured using tools whose dimensions are compatible with our mandrels.

Subsequent to consultations with you, our commercial engineers will work closely with you to define the device is meeting your requirements.

Our devices are fitted out in such a way that the connection to the various networks (piping, ducting, filling, measurement control, and others) takes place smoothly.

All this equipment is available as standard or as a bespoke product. In other words, the options we put at your disposal means that practically all of your requirements can be met.

From DN25 to DN500, we have all the tools, tubes and connectors (elbows, flanges, collars, RC and RE) you need to manufacture your piping by contact molding and filament winding for tubes. These manufactured products meet the constraints of the pressure classes for 6, 10 or 16 bars.

The sheets standards de tuyauterie

The sheets standards pour appareils

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