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All type of equipment and all types of steel devices can be used with our projects.

The white body assembly is done in our workshop using safety bows, gateways and any other movable equipment.

Our commercial engineers will gladly work with you to determine the equipment required to guarantee the smooth operation and accessibility of your installation.

The suggested equipment will be shown on drawings submitted for your approval.

  • Insulating
  • Temperature control unit (via self-adjusting ribbon or electrical resistance)
  • Pricking and diameter as per customer request (round, square, rectangular)
  • Thimble (for ceramic cylindrical element or temperature sensor)
  • Manhole (with/without jib crane)
  • Lateral or vertical agitation
  • Graduated translucent band
  • Level float (with/without magnetic contacts)
  • Polyester rails, galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum
  • Safety bow ladder (polyester, galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel)
  • Dome walkway or anti-slip systems
  • Connection walkway between devices
  • Bubble or aeration boom
  • Washing bubbles
  • Lined envelopes
  • Immersion pipes
  • Multiple standing options for devices: skirt, feet, cradles, flat bottom, sloping bottom (compensated/not compensated)
  • Coloring using RAL color chart with anti-UV treatment
  • Retardants and exterior spray booms
  • Interior spray booms.
  • Anti-abrasion system and trims
  • Internal support posts and internal floors for processes or maintenance
  • System to detect leaks in underground tanks
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