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Salt dissolvers

Salt dissolvers images

This product has become a standard for us, enabling us to guarantee a production of brine making all your requirements.

Dissolvers (also known that brine stations) are manufactured using a filament winding around the circumference, with a glass fiber reinforced resin.

The production of saturated brine is handled using a water flow sufficiently powerful to raise the level of the brine in the tank and in the salt at a rate of 17 to 19 mm per minute (which corresponds to 1 to 1.14 m per hour).

There are several advantages to this:

  • Automatic production of brine
  • No maintenance
  • Smooth interior
  • Transparency (brine and salt levels can be measured instantaneously)
  • The quality of the salt/brine can be enhanced to be used in food products, if so required by the customer

Some of the features fitting this device include:

  • At the bottom of the tank: a PVC water distribution boom, as well as a PP filtering cloth, used to protect the boom when loading the salt
  • A filling tube (DN 100) in stainless steel with a capacity of 316 L, with a flange tapering to 1.2 m at the ground level with an aluminum symmetrical half connector and an aluminum cap
  • A vent (DN 125) used as an overflow, tapered to the ground level
  • A band with graduated markings in tonnes of salt and in cubic meters
  • A manhole in the bottom part used to access the boom
  • A selection of prickings used to guarantee the smooth operation of the device

The sheets salt saturator

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