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Drawing on half a century of expertise in thermosetting plastics (polyester, FRP) and thermoplastics, our Expertise service can call out to your site in order to carry out a diagnosis of your equipment.

Naturally, the device must be empty, clean, ventilated and accessible in accordance with our procedures, which we can send you on request.

Specifically, one of our controllers, bringing with him all the equipment required for the expertise, will assess the equipment's environment, exact operating conditions for the device, and discuss the situation with you.

Once your device has undergone a complete visual check, as well as hardness tests, and a dielectric comb inspection (case of dual-laminate thermoplastics), you will receive a detailed, commented report.

This report will give you information on the general state of your device, and give details of any repairs to be made, either immediately or within a certain time.

This report will also give you advice on using your devices.

It will be remembered that the NF EN 13121 standard recommends regular inspections, to keep your devices running smoothly.

Regular inspections revealed any premature aging where repair work should be carried out before damage becomes irreversible.

The services of a real partner

For all of its activities, CITP makes:

  • The compatibility study
  • The study of equipment
  • The calculation notes
  • The different controls previously defined
  • The folder

We produce for you according to your request:

  • Transport in France and abroad
  • Unloading and setting up
  • The strata on site
  • Part piping, design, prefabrication and assembly on site
  • Testing
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