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The pillars of our strategy are as follows: meet the requirements of our customers; remain leader in our market; consolidate our image; create a risk-free, safe, pollution-free work environment. In fact, it is precisely to meet this latter objective that we have initiated a QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment) Responsible Corporate Management approach involving all employees.

In fact, the QHSE initiative is a priority for us, factored into all our actions and analyses. This is only natural since even though the economic and social success of our enterprise naturally depends on our capacity to satisfy our customers, it also depends significantly on our capacity to guarantee safe and healthy working conditions for all of our employees.

CITP is permanently engaging in constructive customer listening to provide them with the solutions most in line with their requirements, federating partnerships, manufacturers and service providers. Quality is a critical aspect of our corporate culture, embracing values shared by all: customer service, professionalism, efficacy and a sense of responsibility.

Quality translates as providing customers with a service in line with their expectations:

A chemical compatibility study is done for each device. The results of this study are approved by our raw materials supplier, and leads to a chemical and mechanical guarantee for our devices.

Specifically, we submit drawings of your devices for design approval and manufacturing approval. Note that these drawings are your property. Our design bureau is always there to discuss any technical aspects or make any changes you consider necessary.

Handing in of manufacturing schedules, materials certificates, testing and reception of equipment on our production sites.

During the study and engineering phases, you can contact our commercial engineers at a time with your questions and comments, with the help of our Technical Department.

At the same time, our logistics service organizes the transport, and installs handling equipment defined during the project work site visit. If necessary, the logistics service can also disassemble and destroy your old equipment.

Our project work site teams will be happy to meet your requirements as regards disconnecting and connecting peripheral equipment to your device.

We scale our devices in keeping with the NF EN 13121 standard (or others), which accompanies design calculations (which are your property).

Ongoing rigorous controls at all stages in the manufacturing guarantee the quality of the products. CITP strives to continually productivity and quality to meet and exceed market requirements, with a constant focus on meeting the expectations of its customers.

The resources applied to ensure the success of Quality are also:

  • organization (with a design bureau and a methods bureau
  • training
  • compliancy with European standards
  • compliancy with the ISO 9000 standard
  • MASE certification
  • external audits (EDF, Eurodif, Atochem, Rhodia, Solvay)
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