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May 2009

  • La Awareness and knowledge of CITP group Carlier

    Published on 05/01/2009

    stockages de chlorure ferrique

    Station to the wastewater treatment just finished out of the ground is located in a suburb northeast of Paris

    Brand new, 3 storage of ferric chloride 80M 3 recently provided by one of our colleagues are already showing signs of weakness.

    The one after another incessantly fly without subsequent repairs not give satisfactory results.

    Given this situation, the decision to replace has been taken as another site in the western suburbs of Paris and this time it's four vats of ferric chloride of 170 M 3 provided by one of our colleagues who were replaced by us.

    Customary in these situations, in emergencies, CITP Group Carlier pushed these schedules to make these storage who came to sit on the site.

    Our research department has worked closely with the client to avoid interfaces.

    Our logistics department has acted effectively to prefectures to obtain all necessary permits for the movement of convoys to the place of delivery.

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March 2009

  • Pari earned in the pharmaceutical industry to CITP Group Carlier

    Published on 03/01/2009

    produits de contraste utilisés en imagerie médicale

    Short delays
    Equipment subject to the PED with a pressure of 3 bar
    Calculating Earthquake

    Are the components of the challenge that we identified for the specialist of contrast used in medical imaging.

    These facilities will be located on the production unit of one of their flagship products which should see production double.

    Our logistics department has organized transportation to the customer's request, loading the equipment truck from our site Bethune is perfectly equipped for this type of operation, using the unloading site.

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February 2009

  • Contrat for EDF

    Published on 02/01/2009

    Nos équipes chantier s’apprêtent à commencer le montage des tuyauteries

    Contract for EDF, who in the past we have produced 25 self-supporting chimneys for these nuclear plants, each one 55 feet high 3 feet in diameter and weighing 20 tons each.

    The site EDF Nogent sur Seine will soon come in the storage CTFE E fretted, commissioned by our client and the storage in PEEL fretted for storage of ammonia.

    These devices sized earthquake to feed into the production process of monochloramine.

    Our technical service and our logistics department works with our client on the management of the file.

    Our construction teams are working on some plumbing that has been entrusted by our clients and preparing to begin the installation of pipes.

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January 2009

  • Traitement water

    Published on 01/01/2009

    Cuves Horizontales de 100M3

    CITP Groupe Carlier wins a case for Poland.

    As part of a contract for modernization and expansion of the plant wastewater treatment by Czajka in Warsaw that CITP Group Carlier won the contract for the supply of 6 tanks of 100m3 Horizontal assigned by Veolia water.

    These six vessels are designed for storage of aluminum sulphate and ferric sulphate required for the proper functioning of this station.

    This new plant will have capacity of water treatment of 435 000 cubic meters per day, up to 515 cubic 000Métres day.

    Our transportation logistics organized the transport towards Bethune Czajka by road convoy to the request of our client and managed the administrative side of the carriage.

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