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For CITP, quenchers are a key company product; in fact, quenchers can be considered an essential part in the fumes-treatment process, along humid or semi-humid channels.

Quenchers work by cooling down the gas temperature (which can reach 240° C) to levels acceptable by ductings and scrubbers located downstream.

It is for these reasons that the CITP technical services developed a sophisticated quencher, able to handle gas temperatures of up to 240°C, with spikes of up to 280°C.

Working in close collaboration with its raw materials suppliers, CITP constantly strives to manufacture increasingly powerful products, focusing on reliability and safety.

For over 20 years now, CITP has been manufacturing quenchers used for incineration units, which has given us enviable skills and expertise in this domain.

St Ouen / Ivry/ Sedibex/

CITP works in close liaison with leading sector names.

  • LAB

Other products in this sector of activity have been manufactured drawing on the skills and creativity of our engineers and suppliers.

The services of a real partner

For all of its activities, CITP makes:

  • The compatibility study
  • The study of equipment
  • The calculation notes
  • The different controls previously defined
  • The folder

We produce for you according to your request:

  • Transport in France and abroad
  • Unloading and setting up
  • The strata on site
  • Part piping, design, prefabrication and assembly on site
  • Testing
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