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Piping and Ducting


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In some cases, we intervene right from the start of the project, at the Studies phase, using our expertise to identify the best materials to use. That said, we also have solid experience in prefabrication of piping batches and other elements for subsequent on-site assembly.

As part of a piping contract, our teams can, subsequent to a worksite visit, suggest the best configuration for your lines, as a result of which an impressive 70% of the project can be prefabricated with the remainder assembled on-site by our teams.

The work of our teams is not limited to merely installing our equipment or connecting these devices over piping networks.

We can also install your production line equipment (pumps, ventilators, heat exchangers, tanks, chimneys, etc.) or we can deliver you with a turnkey installation (tanks + piping + devices).

Our teams can also handle the application of suitable coatings (FRP or thermoplastic material) at the bottom of the retention tank.

If necessary, our teams can handle the renovation of your tanks, columns, or other equipment made from polyester, thermoplastic or thermoplastic material/FRP.

We can also completely revamp your piping installations.

Trained and accredited worksite teams (RCI, RC2, H0B0V M0, H2B2V M2, Basket work, Sling work, SST, Jointing Certificate, etc.).

Our teams can perform general and water-immersion testing on devices, up to reception of the worksites, and the handover of TQC plans and the complete dossiers.

The services of a real partner

For all of its activities, CITP makes:

  • The compatibility study
  • The study of equipment
  • The calculation notes
  • The different controls previously defined
  • The folder

We produce for you according to your request:

  • Transport in France and abroad
  • Unloading and setting up
  • The strata on site
  • Part piping, design, prefabrication and assembly on site
  • Testing
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