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Recycling household waste

Recycling household waste images

A solution for the significant quantities of household waste we produce each day. Incineration is one potential answer to this problem.

Since each solution has however drawbacks, our projects focus on resolving some of these drawbacks.

Working in close liaison with the main contract givers, such as SPEIC, VINCI, HAMON, LAB, SERVITHEM, TECHNIP and others, we manufacture products such as:

Quenchers, hot and cold ducting, demisters, wet scrubbers, chimney flues, self-supporting and anchored chimneys, silencers, electrostatic filters, piping and special transformation parts.

Gases can reach quencher entries at temperatures as high as 240°C with accidental spikes, dropping to 140°C at the quencher exit.

CITP masters all aspects of this technology. The products we manufacture comply with the specifications of our contract givers.

If necessary (depending on the operating conditions), we can reinforce our anti-corrosion using carbide or a PPH core, which leads to an enhanced distribution of heat over the device, as well as improved abrasion resistance.

Working in close liaison with the contract giver, we apply our expertise to the materials being used, and design the device to best meet the constraints of the materials themselves as well as our tools.

We identify the best position for the dilatoflex expansion joints and other fittings.

Naturally, the overriding goal is to optimize the installation, by keeping costs under control without compromising the overall levels of performance of the device.

Moreover, CITP’s expertise is not limited to the incineration of just household waste; we can also handle the incineration of dangerous products.

Our customer references:

  • Groupe SECHET
  • TERIS and others.

The services of a real partner

For all of its activities, CITP makes:

  • The compatibility study
  • The study of equipment
  • The calculation notes
  • The different controls previously defined
  • The folder

We produce for you according to your request:

  • Transport in France and abroad
  • Unloading and setting up
  • The strata on site
  • Part piping, design, prefabrication and assembly on site
  • Testing
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