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Thanks to a prestigious contract with the French electricity board for 25 self-supporting chimneys for French nuclear plants, 3 m in diameter, 55 m high and each weighing about 20 tonnes, CITP proved its capacity to manage large-scale projects in the energy sector.

CITP regular intervenes on EDF sites for the supplying of earthquake-resistant bleach and demineralized water storage facilities, as well as the supplying and installation of piping networks, acting, in this case, in its capacity as a subcontractor for leading manufacturers such as ALSTOM, CEGELEC and ENDEL.

We also intervene in the field of new energies, on methanization projects, with several project successes already completed.

CITP delivers products for the green fuels sector: dual-laminate PVDF tanks, as well as dual-laminate PVC piping.

To make sure you get top-quality service, CITP has developed a turnkey structure from design to on-site installation.

Below is a list of the tools and resources that we put at your disposal to make sure you get the support you need for the entire project duration:

  • Compatibility studies (fluids, temperature settings, operating conditions)
  • Selection of thermoplastic materials (dual laminate or solid)
  • Equipment studies
  • Design calculations
  • Product quality controls
  • National and international transport
  • On-site installation and contact molding
  • On-site installation tests

The services of a real partner

For all of its activities, CITP makes:

  • The compatibility study
  • The study of equipment
  • The calculation notes
  • The different controls previously defined
  • The folder

We produce for you according to your request:

  • Transport in France and abroad
  • Unloading and setting up
  • The strata on site
  • Part piping, design, prefabrication and assembly on site
  • Testing
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