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Why composites ?


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Our extensive experience in anti-corrosion has made CITP's reputation in the chemical sector, and whenever there is a need to store dangerous and corrosive materials.

Our rich experience, and the close partnerships which we foster with the main suppliers of resin, glass and thermoplastics means that you can get a product meeting your criteria of use.

The thickness and nature of the anticorrosion varies according to the aggressiveness of the products stored.

And it is precisely for this reason that we do not limit our expertise to resin alone.

We can also provide you with a wide range of thermoplastics anti-corrosion solutions, involving PVC/ PVC C/PEHD/ PPH/ PVDF/ ECTFE.

Our expertise, and specialist control of the manufacturing processes means that we can meet, and even exceed, practically all technical challenges submitted to us by customers.


Some process equipment (for example, reactors, mixers, settling tanks) involve rotating the product. In this case, solid particles in the mixture generate high levels of abrasion.

In liaison with these resin suppliers, CITP has developed a process guaranteeing anti-abrasion. In fact, a large number of CITP products already operational for several years now clearly point to our expertise in this field.

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