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CITP is a company specialized in the production of components and thermoplastic polyester shrunk polyester such as storage tanks, process vessels, reactors, columns scrubber, ducts, chimneys and pipes. CITP occurs in sectors as diverse as chemistry, environment, metallurgical, energy, food, stationery, pharmacy or the manufacture of detergents and soaps...

CITP is also specialist dissolvers salt tanks and manure storage, with its brand dedicated azoles. More information on:

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CITP Béthune
Nord Pas-de-Calais
factory and headquarters
21, avenue Georges Washington
BP 654
62412 Béthune Cedex
Tel. : 03 21 68 69 00
Fax. : 03 21 68 69 19
CITP Chaponnay
Bureau commercial
Immeuble QUEBEC
Tel. : 04 78 96 07 74

UIC empowerment DT 78UIC No. N-07-1840